LETTER: What exactly am I voting for?

Now I had thought that the majority of councillors 0n Horsham District Council (HDC) are Conservatives, the majority of MPs in the Government are Conservatives, and the majority of representatives on the county council are Conservatives.

However, in his article in the WSCC on May 30, the Horsham District Council leader says about new housing developments in Horsham District:

“Whenever Horsham District Council’s planning committee turns a scheme down, more often than not it goes to an appeal run by a Government inspector and we lose.”

Does that mean that if I vote Conservative in an HDC election I am voting for fewer new houses in Horsham District, and if I vote Conservative at a General Election I am voting for more new houses in Horsham District?

If so what might I be voting for If I vote Conservative in a county council election?


Queensway, Horsham