LETTER: Well done to the welcoming shops

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Your letters

I regularly walk into Horsham town centre with my small dog Buster. I have recently started taking him into various shops, always asking a member of staff before I go in with him.

It has been really interesting to see the reception we get from the staff in the town centre shops.

We are always very warmly greeted in White Stuff and Carphone Warehouse and Caffe Nero and Waterstones welcome us in to sit and have coffee, always making a fuss of Buster.

On Saturday Robert Dyas said I could enter with the dog as did Mountain Warehouse and Millets.

Interestingly the only shop I have ever encountered that said a blanket ‘no’ to me going in with my dog was the card shop Card Factory!

I would like to say a particular thank you to White Stuff and Caffe Nero who in my opinion always go the extra mile to welcome in customers with well behaved dogs.

Well done! The dog owners of Horsham really appreciate it!


Trundle Mead, Horsham