LETTER: We won’t forget at election time

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Your letters

Cllr Jim Rae (Holbrook East) addressed the council at the meeting of April 30 to vote on the plan for economic development and mass housing.

It was embarrassing to hear his justification as to why he had decided to vote in favour of the plan promoted by councillors Ray Dawe, Claire Vickers, Helena Croft and others.

He appeared to be trying to reassure his residents in Holbrook that he had their interests at heart by dumping all 2,500 plus houses, an industrial and warehouse park, another railway station, a huge supermarket, and traffic chaos (there will be five sets of traffic lights on the A264 between Great Daux and Rusper roundabout) on the ‘Liberty’ greenfield site.

He seemed quite tearful as he told us about his personal situation. He claimed that he is determined to fight for his residents to get them the best deal possible.

But it is too late now. He doesn’t seem to understand that most of his residents believe he sold them out. He didn’t put his residents first. It is exactly 12 months to the next local elections – we won’t forget.


Wordsworth Place, Horsham