LETTER: We should all be against proposal

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Your letters

In response to comments by certain members of the public, south of Horsham I might add, that believe we North Horsham residents are living on new estates that were green fields in recent times and that therefore the proposed North Horsham sprawling urban jungle is totally acceptable, I would just like to say this: you all live south of here, you are all very happy that this is no longer happening on your doorstep, and I envy you all.

Let’s not pretend that this is for any reason other than you are lucky enough to have a lot more councillors living down your way. This ridiculous development has been dumped up here because we haven’t got many councillors residing in this area, could we borrow a few?

We haven’t the luxury of having a couple of tenant farmers and a listed building to bang on the table. Shouldn’t we all be against this? What a fair and just society we live in!

The fact that where I live was a cornfield 20 odd years ago is not the issue here, this very important green field strategic gap protects our entire historic town, north or south. Let us share the 2,500 homes around our district if we must, forget the business park we don’t require, far less of an impact on us all. Oh, and a much fairer way to do things.


Burns Close, Horsham