LETTER: We have much to thank Peggy for

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We at the Open Spaces Society are very sad to learn that the tireless campaigner, Peggy Gledhill, has died (‘Tributes to perennial campaigner’, County Times).

She was a member of the society for more than 40 years and was indefatigable in her defence of public paths and open spaces around Horsham.

We helped her with her application to register over 50 acres of land at Denne Hill as a village green. She had evidence that local people had used the land since the 18th century and believed it was eligible for green status. It was devastating that her application failed but, undeterred, she battled on to retain public use of the land.

We owe it to Peggy that we can today enjoy the beautiful paths and open spaces around Horsham. We are moved that she has asked that donations in her memory be made to the Open Spaces Society or the Campaign to Protect Rural England. We have much to thank her for.


General Secretary, The Open Spaces Society, 25a Bell Street, Henley-on-Thames RG9 2BA