LETTER: We don’t need regeneration

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Your letters

Well at least Sir Terry Farrell (WSCT 3rd April) has been quite plain in his threats to the local area. He threatens us with regeneration, housing and jobs.

We don’t need regeneration. This is already one of the best developed areas of Britain, and recognised as one of the best place to live. We don’t need more houses. We are already having great difficulty coping with all the extra housing which is coming without the tens of thousands extra that a second runway at Gatwick would cause.

We don’t need more jobs. We already have the lowest unemployment in Britain, and more jobs would just mean tens of thousands of extra people moving into the area, and, of course, filling the tens of thousands of extra houses.

What we really value is our present way of life; our local countryside and peace and quiet. What is on offer is suburbanisation and noise.

Incidentally, I wonder that Sir Terry did not check the hand-out that his PR adviser gave him before publishing it. He must have been given the one written for third-world countries by mistake.


Emms Lane, Brooks Green