LETTER: Wake up to this growing threat

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Your letters

On Sunday morning I was enjoying the sounds of the first song thrush to sing in our garden in Warnham. As the song continued the clock hands turned to 06.28, the sun was rising blanketing the garden in a beautiful yellow colour, the rain had departed.

From a distance I listened to an approaching sound from the north, was it a bird? No it was a plane on its SID (Standard Instrument departure) from Gatwick Airport on what has been described as a trial.

The thrush competed for a few minutes but, was overcome by the din and, flew off to a less noise and emission disturbed area.

The noise has continued since at 08.32/36/40/44/50, I lost count, gave up enjoying the sounds of early march and got up, there is no rest for the wicked. We, who chose to live in this conservation area, for its peace, its wildlife and its pleasant air. Our lives wrecked by faceless bureaucrats at NATS, CAA and Gatwick Airport Ltd all passing the buck on the trial.

Wake up Horsham to this growing threat! Take action before it’s too late! I woke up on a Sunday morning at 06.28 to the sound of mechanical birds and smelly emissions. Is that what we all want? The plan is one per minute!

Phone daily and complain on 0800393070 or send an email to noise.line@gatwickairport.com and let them know you want to preserve your existing tranquillity.


Three Stile Road, Warnham