LETTER: Wabi blaze is an absolute shame

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As an elderly Horsham resident I can recall the site of the Wabi restaurant when it was a popular local pub - ‘The Horse and Groom’ - which sadly was plagued by misfortune in recent times. In latter years, the pub’s reputation was tarnished by youthful late night revelling, with broken windows, etc - causing it to be closed.

Now a stylish restaurant offering exclusive haute cuisine has been gutted by fire. What an absolute shame - but thankfully nobody was injured.

It is encouraging to know that restoration of the ground breaking ‘Wabi’ restaurant is assured and will arise phoenix-like from the ashes in the not too distant future - once again providing those Horsham diners with discerning taste with unforgettable cuisine.

Long may it continue.


Ayshe Court Drive, Horsham