LETTER: Vulnerable for years to come

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Liberty’s ‘Green vision for North Horsham’ (26th February p1 Horsham edition) may serve to have taken pressure off Southwater, where the Cabinet Member for Planning will be up for re-election on 7th May.

However, how on earth can building on 800 acres in the Strategic Gap be described as a ‘Green vision’? Does this American company, Liberty, expect us to fall for such crude marketing, especially those of us who’ve been exposed to countless such wheezes by the people pushing Gatwick expansion?

This spin comes from the company which has been questioned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about a leaflet they distributed to residents in North Horsham in autumn 2013.

That was reported in the WSCT (‘Liberty instructed ‘not to exaggerate’ its experience’) on 5th June, 2014.

Thankfully the Planning Inspector found Horsham District Council’s plan to be unsound, thus allowing a newly elected council after May 7 to deal with some of the flaws in it, as outlined by Councillor Arthur’s article last week.

The new council will need to address the flaws and it is essential that we should put down some markers for when the consultation restarts.

Unfortunately the HDC ruling group has left us with a number of hostages to fortune, including an unqualified 20 year housing target, which will leave our green fields vulnerable for years to come.

What a dire legacy.


Northlands Road, Warnham