LETTER: Voting to protect local residents

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I read with interest that Horsham District Council’s Development Control South Committee’s decision to reject a new crematorium on the A272 near Cowfold is now going to appeal and that representations made at the time will be copied to the Inspector.

A decision totally at odds with the decision by HDC to not allow similar responses to their flawed plan to build on the green fields of North Horsham to go forward to the Inspector.

I also sense a whiff of hypocrisy when Cowfold Parish Council and West Grinstead Parish Council both voted against the scheme on the grounds of it being inappropriate in a rural setting and yet voted in favour of the massive development (including a crematorium) proposed in North Horsham, which is also in an inappropriate rural setting.

I suppose at least they were voting to protect their local residents, unlike some of the North Horsham councillors, ie Cornell, Croft, Rae who voted in favour of the HDPF and Baldwin who abstained.


New Moorhead Drive, Horsham