LETTER: Voters don’t like a divided group

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Your letters

More dreadful political acts by councillors Ray Dawe and Helena Croft as Cllr Christian Mitchell was ‘deposed’ as chairman of Licensing and Cllr Bailey sacked by Cllr Chowen from his role in arts and leisure.

Cllr Chowen did the great leader’s work by telephone – no chance of a face-to-face meeting. Why is it that those in senior council positions don’t like facing any of us – not even their own colleagues?

Cllr Burgess expressed the views of many when he said of Cllr Mitchell: “I am disappointed… when he had full cross party support. He has been an effective leader of it since 2007 using his expertise as a lawyer and a barrister to ensure licensing issues were properly held by the council.”

This all ties in with Mark Dunford’s editorial about the great divide between the southern and northern wards: civil war. One thing is for certain, the Tories are a divided group and voters don’t like that. They also like their councillors to do the right thing.

Perhaps Cllrs Dawe and Croft think that it will all die down by next May if they gets the worst over now. It won’t! There’s a two-week public enquiry before then and the Inspector’s decision in February 2015 – twelve weeks before polling day.

Elizabeth Bartnovskaya

Heath Way, Horsham