LETTER: Vote - and for the ‘right’ candidate

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Your letters

I was amused and irritated in equal measure by Councillor Dawe’s condescending column, where he patronisingly and benignly ‘pats’ us on the head while telling us that, ‘There is generally no need for most readers to understand …’.

Councillor Dawe basically said we, the West Sussex County Times readers, should keep our noses out of the business of the ‘important’ people and we just had say, ‘Thank you for freezing the council tax’, to the people; who know best, know more than we do and know what is good for us.

However, West Sussex county councillor and Horsham district councillor Circus’ response appeared to show I had ‘touched a nerve’, calling my letter, ‘a diatribe’.

Sir, does he protest too much ? Both Councillor Dawe and double Councillor Circus just underline and prove the points I made in my original letter that living in a Conservative ‘safe’ seat appears to permit our Conservative ‘representatives’ to treat every voter, every West Sussex County Times reader, with condescension and arrogance.

Philip Circus castigates me as being ‘uninformed’, ‘not knowing’ what I am talking about and he accuses other members of Horsham District Council of ‘grandstanding’. He ‘stamps’ his feet, huffs and puffs his way through, just as he did during the council meeting. If Councillor Dawe and Councillor Circus were being truly open and honest then why the need for, ‘three-line whips’, closed meetings and all the rest of the Conservative group shenanigans which even members of the Horsham Conservative group have questioned.

I would repeat my final paragraph in my original letter and urge everyone who does not bother to vote to register and vote.

I would also ask every Conservative voter to really look at the people and policies they are voting for, rather than ‘sleep-walking’ into a condescending, bullying Social Democracy.

Every voter must look at the policies of the all the candidates, in every election, and vote for the ‘right’ candidate rather than just the Conservative candidate - again.


Chanctonbury, Ashington