LETTER: Vital stroke club must remain open

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Your letters

Together with three of my colleagues, I attended a stroke club forum meeting run by the Stroke Association, held at the Phoenix Stroke Club in Horsham.

I was horrified to hear that the funding of the club by West Sussex County Council was being withdrawn. The club offers activities, lunch and outings to stroke survivors on three days a week with a group for people with communication difficulties run on another morning.

Different people come each day so that the club helps up to 55 members altogether in addition to their carers to whom it gives a welcome day’s respite. This is a service not provided anywhere else in West Sussex.

I was equally horrified to hear that following an article in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago, false rumours were circulating that the club was closing.

I was assured that funding will be found somehow and that the club will never close – this must be a great relief to all the members and their families.

Please will you pass this message onto your readers.


Family and Carer Support co-ordinator, Mid Sussex,Stroke Association, Church Road, Burgess Hill