Letter: Views on Storrington store plan

JENNY Powell (letters, February 23) has misunderstood the point of my letter, she, and other members of the ‘Save our Storrington’ appear to think that only Storrington residents should have a say.

I am not trying to publicise views on behalf of anyone else, I merely wanted to express a personal view and, hopefully, help to give a more accurate impression of just what proportion of the affected residents have actually expressed a view in the form of petitions etc.

I have no problem with the democratic process, in any proposal such as the ‘Waitrose in Storrington expansion plan’, the ‘antis’ will always shout the loudest but it does not mean they represent the majority.

It would be interesting to ballot all of the affected residents, the result could surprise us all.

I am of the opinion that we, as residents of Storrington and Sullington, are privileged to live in our particular community and I certainly do not want to jeopardise that, however, 7,000 residents make it more of a small town than a village and certainly not a small village.


Water Lane,