LETTER: Victims of crime not ‘comfortable’

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Your letters

After reading Chief Inspector Hodge’s words addressing the increase in crime in the Horsham District, ‘While we have a statistical increase, I am comfortable with that’, I would like to reply ‘Well I am sure the victims of crime aren’t’.

Take for instance my elderly mother, burgled twice in six months in her own home and the only way we could get her to feel ‘comfortable again’ in her own home was to install an alarm system and CCTV.

Or the woman subject to an attempted rape in Horsham Park, I wonder if she is comfortable with it. Or the countless numbers of violent crime on the increase and attempted robberies and burglaries - are those victims ‘comfortable’ with it too? I think not. Perhaps he should try concentrating on solving some of those crimes rather than dumbing down statistics.

My Mum has had no feedback on any of her three burglaries in the last two years.

Now, when it comes to stopping and questioning youths late at night walking home quite innocently they seem to be remarkably on the ball.


Heath Close, Broadbridge Heath