LETTER: Value of family contribution

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Your letters

I am conducting research which is examining the use of educational websites on concentration abilities and impulsiveness. I am looking to recruit children aged between seven and 17 with no clinical diagnosis to participate in my research. I would be extremely grateful for a family’s help. If you would like more information about this research, or are interested in being involved, please contact me on 07934304673 or hannah.wachnianin@lanc.uk.com.

I am a PhD student at City University London, carrying out my research in West Sussex, supervised by Dr Rutterford and Professor Corr. This study has been approved by City University London ethics committee.

Involvement in this study has three parts. Firstly, the child and parent will meet the researcher in Horsham for two hours. The child will complete a questionnaire, a brain wave reading and a computer concentration test. Parent and teacher will be asked to complete an electronic questionnaire.

Secondly, the child will complete, with the help of a parent, 30 minutes’ worth of activities on the BBC bitesize website, at home twice a week for 15 weeks.

Thirdly, after 15 weeks, the child and parent will meet the researcher again in Horsham for two hours. The child will complete a further questionnaire, brain wave reading and computer concentration test in addition to an electronic questionnaire for parent and teacher.

A family’s involvement in this study would be of significant value. The findings will hopefully benefit the understanding and progression of interventions that could be used to improve concentration.

It is hoped that being involved in this research will improve a child’s concentration, although this cannot be guaranteed.


Assistant psychologist, Learning Assessment and Neurocare Centre Ltd, 48-50 Springfield Road, Horsham