LETTER: Urgent need for action on roads

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Contrary to the views of Simon Gray (County Times April 2), there is no conflict whatsoever between the Government’s plans to upgrade the A27 trunk road at Arundel and WSCC’s plans to improve walking and cycling facilities in the county. Rather they are complementary, and both are essential.

In contrast to Mr Gray’s totally negative approach and unnecessary criticism of WSCC, I write to welcome the Government’s decision that there is a need for an A27 bypass around Arundel.

The A27, which is part of England’s Strategic Road Network (SRN), is the most unreliable trunk road in the country, it is already grossly congested in the Arundel area, the A27 around Arundel is one of the top six traffic congestion hot-spots in the whole country, and this congestion is forecast to get worse.

Additionally, the congestion has an adverse impact on the economic prospects of West Sussex and Arun District, as well as causing local problems in Arundel itself and on the roads in the National Park to the north of the town. The problem therefore needs urgent resolution.

Thus, as long as a sensible route can be identified, an A27 bypass around Arundel would be good for the nation, the county and the district. Indeed, if Mr Gray had taken the trouble to read the various Government documents giving details of its proposals, he would have noticed that they make it clear that the chosen route must be accompanied by a suite of sustainable transport measures in support of pedestrians, cyclists and buses, as well as by environmental and landscape mitigation measures.

The sooner a bypass is built here the better, for the town of Arundel, for the people of Arundel, and for those who need to drive past Arundel on the SRN for whatever reason.


Surrey Wharf, Arundel