LETTER: Unwise to build near danger water

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Your letters

I have lived in Horsham area for 60 years – almost geological time, some would say. I can remember weather events during this period which were more severe than our recent deluge.

For instance, in 1957 a tornado crossed the town, ripping roofs from the newly constructed Queensway and blocking nearly every route with fallen trees. On our own house, 40 tiles were smashed by giant hail stones, and every conservatory window broken.

I also remember the spate and extensive flooding of the Red River below Farthings Bridge. It would extend right across the fields and become a deafening torrent near the present sewage works.

This was a regular occurrence, and a couple of years later later I remember traffic being stopped by the flood water at Farthings Bridge – something which did not happen this time.

It seems very unwise to build near such dangerous water. Not only are houses at risk, the youngsters living there are in danger.

We used to wade across the fields as teenagers, until one day my very dear friend, a non swimmer, suddenly stepped into a hole and vanished into the raging torrent. By the grace of God, we got him out alive.


Woodlands Way, Southwater