LETTER: Unpalatable facts about fracking

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How patronising it was of county council leader Louise Goldsmith to tell us ‘there is a lot of misinformation on fracking out there’, implying that the adverse health and pollution experiences reported from USA and Australia are not true.

These facts may be unpalatable and inconvenient to her political party, hell bent on steamrollering all opposition out of their way but they are still facts which cannot be ignored.

Instead, we are being asked to attend ‘the information event’ in Pulborough, which happens to be the day after the closing deadline for those objecting to Celtique Energy’s application to explore for oil and gas.

Surely, if the organisers were confident they have cast iron guarantees about the safety and benefits of their proposed venture, then they would be keen to placate those who doubt them, long before a deadline for those who intend to object?

One sincerely hopes the representatives from the DECC, H&SE and EA will be impartial rather than representing the views of the government.

Hopefully too, they will not be grossly outnumbered by ‘experts in their field’ directly employed by Celtique Energy.

At last year’s ‘drop in’ promotion, in an equally limited capacity venue in Balcombe, the Cuadrilla experts didn’t look at all comfortable when they were asked specific and awkward direct questions about fracking.

I’m afraid, to me, ‘the event’ has all the hallmarks of a promotion of ‘wishful information’ trying to paper over the facts.


Downland Drive, Southgate, Crawley