LETTER: Unlit walkway is a danger in the dark

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Your letters

I write concerning the street lighting in Talbot Lane Commercial Car Park. This lighting has not been working for over six months. My issues are that Horsham promote East Street as a lovely place to eat, however walking from Denne Road Car Park through the walkway to East Street is totally unlit and dangerous.

The actual Talbot Lane road is dangerous, with large pot holes, made worse by constant Refuse lorries every day, but nothing is done to address this.

I have been approached by two people in the last year who have had serious falls in this area ,one of which you will have documented, so I strongly recommend that this issue is resolved immediately.

I have emailed the Horsham District Council regarding this serious issue, with no help offered, so have decided to take matters further by sending my concerns to the Local Newspaper. I have also copied in our local Horsham District Councillor. I hope that the power of the local newspaper will finally help.

Myfanwy Wait

Talbot Lane, Horsham

Laurence Deakins, Horsham District Councillor for Denne Ward, received a copy of this letter and has replied:

I was unaware the street lighting has been out for six months on Talbot Lane and very sorry to hear that two people have had serious falls. I have contracted the relevant people at the council this morning and hope to get the matter resolved asap.