LETTER: Unfortunate view of work by HiB

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Your letters

Whilst I share Helena Croft’s image of a vibrant and thriving Horsham her singling out and somewhat dismissive reference to Horsham in Bloom being past its heyday was both unfortunate and inaccurate (‘Flying the flag for our thriving town’, WSCT 19th February).

Its focus may have changed from winning prestigious awards but in keeping with adding value to what already is an attractive town Horsham in Bloom in a number of ways continues to make a significant contribution.

I refer in particular to the Human Nature Garden with which they brilliantly manage to keep a balance between maintaining a family friendly peaceful space in which to relax, and a community venue that is used for a variety of public and private events.

For example, with its stage and landscaped amphitheatre the Horsham Garden Music Festival has from its beginning benefited from the garden’s special atmosphere which enhances the afternoon concerts it holds there each year. We are delighted that this July we will once again have use of this amazing facility.

As chairman of this local charity I am also at odds with Ms Croft’s suggestion that local businesses are becoming less supportive of community organisations. I am sure Horsham Garden Music Festival’s gold sponsors for 2015, Station Garage (Skoda) and Chewton Rose estate agents, would agree supporting events which give added value to the town and district makes as much business sense now as it always has done.

Please let us all wave the ‘Horsham is a very attractive town’ flag more vigorously and recognise that it is the sum of all the well-established, the new, the big, and the small organisations both statutory and voluntary that make Horsham what it is today.


Chairman, Horsham Garden Music Festival, Quarry Close,