LETTER: UKIP founder at public meeting

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In response to L.N. Price, ‘UKIP offers little of substance’, WSCT 24th October, I would like to point out UKIP do not have a ‘mantra’, however they do try to counter the LibLabCon media portrayal and let everyone know there is far more to UKIP than just immigration and leaving the EU.

Firstly, UKIP is not racist and not anti-European. UKIP is opposed to the undemocratic and bureaucratic politburo called the EU.

It is also opposed to the uncontrolled flow of immigrants that arrive on our shores and contribute little to either the British economy or our way of life.

This is not racist or isolationist, this is a fact reported in the Sunday Telegraph on 13th October 2013. An EU report stated there are more than 600,000, unemployed, EU migrants living in Britain at a cost of £1.5 billion to the NHS alone. It is a fact that Britain is paying child benefits to children who do not live in the UK.

UKIP is not isolationist. UKIP is tolerant, open and supports controlled immigration where the people entering the UK will be contributing to our economy and our way of life. UKIP is committed to building our business, economic and political ties with the Commonwealth, whose economies have been growing at a much faster and more sustainable rate than the EU.

A lot of our history and our trade was with the Commonwealth, they supported us through world wars and our ups and downs - until our entry into the EU and we turned our backs on them.

UKIP believe that building a Commonwealth trading block would be more beneficial to the UK economy that continuing with the moribund and regulation bound EU.

Again, when stating that, ‘facts and UKIP are uneasy bedfellows’, one must ensure to get one’s facts correct. More than 50 per cent of those coming into the UK do not come from outside of the EU. Those from outside of the EU, trying to enter Britain, are the only immigrants Theresa May and David Cameron can control and restrict.

The fact is the majority of immigrants come from the poorer parts of the EU and these we cannot control or restrict, because of EU regulations which make a mockery of UK borders.

I agree with L.N. Price’s suggestion that Mr Stevens visits any local hospital, though I would like L.N. Price to accompany Mr Stevens, and it would be seen that the majority of people working in, and supporting, our health service do not come from the EU.

Our health service is made of local people and people from outside of the EU, quite a number from the Commonwealth. These are the people UKIP support as these are people contributing to our economy and our way of life.

As for balancing the budget, even George Osborne is struggling, and the LibLabCon politicians cannot agree whether to borrow and spend or to borrow a little less and spend a little less or how to prevent the UK debt exceeding £1,400 billion by 2015.

UKIP do have an alternative and by saving the billions we throw away into the bottomless pit that is the EU budget, which has yet to pass an audit, UKIP can make changes to the UK economy by unshackling the dead hand of EU regulation, take back the control of our borders and start to rebuild this once Great Britain.

UKIP’s only goal is to rebuild the Great Britain, some remember, of 30 years or so ago. A Great Britain with a seat on the World Trade Organisation, which we cannot use due to the UK being tied to the EU, and part of a Commonwealth world trading block. To rebuild an open, inclusive and free Great Britain where we make, and are responsible for, our own laws, defend and control our own borders and grow our own economy. Unfortunately, to achieve this we MUST leave the EU.

Finally, Roger Arthur did discuss whether he should return to the electorate, or not, following his move from the Conservatives to UKIP. He decided that in the current austerity it would be unfair on local tax payers to fund another election when he is due for election in the next year or so anyway.

Unlike the Conservative county councillors who have voted themselves pay rises, Roger decided to save the taxpayers’ money and await the next election for the voters’ opinion.

I don’t believe any fact or detail will convince L.N.Price, but UKIP are not afraid of the press, or the media portrayal, and they look forward to open and honest debate. For that I do, sincerely, thank L.N. Price for this opportunity.

UKIP aspires to be the alternative to the LibLabCon parties and they are more than ready to answer any question from anyone. I would suggest L.N. Price, and anyone else with questions about UKIP, should attend the public meeting; 7.30pm on Monday 25th November at Pulborough Village Hall, when Gerard Batten MEP and a founder member of UKIP will be speaking.


Chanctonbury, Ashington