LETTER: Truly innovative green scheme

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In last week’s WSCT 26/2 it was shocking to see the North Horsham development plans set against the aerial photo of our erstwhile green belt. So much for a ‘green vision’, but if this is indeed a fait accompli as it appears to be, one should welcome the intention of Liberty to include a nature reserve, woodland, allotments and heritage trail.

However, what about renewable energy and properly insulated homes? So far there has been no comment regarding high specification insulation, ground source heat pumps or solar panels. With such a large new development on a green field site it would be a huge missed opportunity not to include these, if not for the whole development then at least for the affordable houses, school, railway station and business park.

The development is still at the consultation and negotiation stage so this could be a priority for our local planning authorities to press for. It could be truly innovative, showcasing eco-houses whilst encouraging new ‘green’ industries to the business park. In other words, a bit more of a sustainable and resilient ‘green vision’.


Green Party, Rushams Road, Horsham