LETTER: True Samaritan’s help after a fall

Your letters
Your letters

May I, through your paper, thank the kind gentleman from Slinfold, called Roger, and his black labrador, for looking after me when my dog, uncharacteristically, suddenly lunged forward, pulling me over.

I landed on my back, bumping the back of my head, resulting in a very painful neck.

Roger rang for an ambulance and stayed with me until it arrived. In the meantime he covered me with his coat - very gallant as there was quite a cold breeze blowing!

He walked my two dogs back to my house and checked everywhere was locked and then returned the key to the ambulanceman.

After various tests I was given a painkiller via a drip. I was told I had the equivalent of a ‘whiplash’ injury but it was all right for me to go home.

A friend came to collect me after feeding my dogs so I was home by around 7pm.

So, Roger, thank you for your care and help. If you don’t read the WSCT I hope someone will recognise who you are and show you this letter.

You are a true Samaritan!


Fulfords Hill, Itchingfield