LETTER: Trial blights lives of communities

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Over the last six months there has been continual comment in your newspaper regarding the current Gatwick flight path trial which is blighting the lives of communities.

These include Rusper, Kingsfold, Slinfold, Rowhook, Winterfold, Warnham and North Horsham. It is becoming more apparent that communities further afield are also being affected, Billingshurst , Cowfold and others.

Last week a public meeting was held by Warnham Parish Council in the village hall. The parish council had thought that parishioners were not overly concerned or worried about the change to flight paths.

The number of residents of the parish who attended the meeting far exceeded expectations and the hall was full to capacity with a number of people standing in and outside of the hall.

There was a presentation by a spokesperson from GACC (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign), who stated that Gatwick’s sole reason for introducing new flight paths was profit related and that they have capacity for more aircraft currently, without changing or adding new flight paths.

The advice given was that if you vote for any of the options in the Gatwick Flight Path Consultation you really have no idea of what communities will be having to put up with in the future, the only option is tick the box ‘None of the above’.

Gatwick (a 100 per cent foreign owned company) through the consultation are trying to pitch community against community.

All of the suggested new flight paths have implications for villages not previously overflown.

The residents were then allowed to ask questions and to put their opinions forward. It was obvious from the response of the parishioners present that they are angry and frustrated, and that the over-riding opinion of the meeting was that the flight paths should return permanently to the route used previously and no new flight paths or NPRs should be introduced.

Warnham Parish Council will decide which of the options they should vote for. It is assumed that they will have taken on board the views of the public meeting and will vote ‘None of

the above’ to reflect the overwhelming public demand.


Friday Street, Warnham