LETTER: Transport and parking are vital

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Your letters

Well, if it isn’t HDC coming up with a gem of an idea we now have one from the Clinical Commissioning Group! Is there now a danger of the Quadrant being overloaded?

I don’t doubt a new medical facility is needed for Broadbridge Heath and the housing development along the A24. I believe in September HDC will be looking at the plans for the Quadrant.

Will they be looking at how 26,000 existing patients of doctors’ surgeries in Horsham can get there and park?

At times parking is already a problem for current users. It appears HDC’s main concern is for profit so how much priority will be given to parking for each user? Out of town facilities without parking will not work.

Of the three Horsham surgeries in question, two are next to town centre car parks. There are also those who don’t drive.

Two of the surgeries are close to over 100 apartments for the over 60s with McCarthy and Stone having just built another and put in plans for a further development near the Arts Centre.

Will the remaining Horsham centre surgery have room for those who cannot travel? Is there the suggestion of extra buses to the new facility?

No doubt most bus users will have to get to the bus station and get another one out. Visiting your doctor could take hours.

Of course a state-of-the-art medical facility would be great for those that can get to it and find room to park.

Surely at worst, one of the three surgeries should remain for appointments in Horsham.

A new state-of-the-art 24 hours A&E hospital nearby would also be great!


Trafalgar Road, Horsham