LETTER: Tranquility set to be destroyed

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Your letters

Crawley used to be surrounded by countryside, and Three Bridges farming land.

Looking at the big picture, reading between the lines, is Horsham going to go the same way as Crawley? An industrial service town for a monster airport with the green lands covered in Tarmac and concrete?With more community groups forming to stop mass housing; is it planned that the 40,000 Gatwick employees, (airports predict employment requirement if expansion is permitted), are going to live in the Horsham area, with the A264 becoming an airport link road and the M25 the largest car park in the world?

People like coming and living in the Horsham area as it is a tranquil and nice place to live but this seems set to be destroyed.

Not sure this is what voters voted for.

Sally Pavey

Mayes Lane, Warnham