LETTER: Traffic wardens as ambassadors

Many thanks for using my response to the continuing parking problems on the front page of the County Times (Horsham edition).

I am pleased that the council seems to have conceded that the recent photos of poor parking of enforcement vehicles is not a good example to the public.

It might be just a dream in today’s world but I do feel Horsham District Council should seek more enlightened ways of boosting its finances.

Parking is an easy target for raising money but stretch this philosophy too far and people will go somewhere else.

Enforcement officers could be productive ambassadors for the town who could actually promote its popularity.

They need to be known as proud ambassadors for a unique destination. Surely a little more good humour and charm would help to get their message across.

Horsham town is judged on how people feel when they come here so it is vitally important to make sure that Horsham outshines its rivals!

Please don’t think that I am suggesting a ‘free for all’ to ignore restrictions; the whole objective should be to provide a safe environment; co-operation is often better with a dose of goodwill.

Horsham town should be flaunting a friendly and comfortable atmosphere as one of its main attractions. We need more and more people to come and experience the many attractions that our town has to offer.

Horsham’s trading community is not invincible so we do need to have creative ways of attracting visitors - high parking charges and no nonsense parking enforcement is off-putting and it is likely to drive people away.

Horsham has so much brilliance to offer that everyone should be encouraged to give the town a try. Some kind of slant towards angelic and helpful wardens could bring some good publicity and help to increase the town’s popularity.


(LDem) Horsham district councillor for Trafalgar ward, North Street, Horsham