LETTER: Traffic controls in West Street

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Your letters

I saw in your paper last week, under the heading ‘Civic pride is lacking’, someone commenting on the damaged litter bin in West Street, Horsham, outside Next.

In October of last year I reported this to a councillor with the additional comment that this was most likely caused by a vehicle reversing into it and that this would probably be on CCTV camera footage and hence the culprit could be identified and the cost of repair/ replacement reclaimed.

The reason for mentioning this is that since March of last year I have been trying to obtain via Councillor Croft and the HDC a copy of the pedestrianisation order for West Street. My concern is that this is a pedestrianised street and hence it would be natural to assume that vehicles are not allowed to enter it. I have regularly seen security vehicles delivering money to various establishments.

The question is; is it legal for such vehicles to enter West Street? West Sussex County Council tell me that vehicles cannot enter via the bus station route as there is entry to buses only.

I also questioned if it is allowed to cycle in West Street? Well apparently not as they erected no cycling signs some short while after a small child had been knocked over by a cyclist.

Previously I had seen bicycles chained to the expensive seats that had been installed as part of the West Street improvements. On previously questioning this I was told that HDC did not have the resources to monitor and enforce such things.

Anyway, after pursing the councillor and HDC for some six months-plus they eventually admitted in September 2014 that they have either lost or do not have a pedestrianisation order for West Street. To date I am still waiting for this document to be produced.

I understand that there will be a need for emergency vehicles to enter the street from time but if this is really a pedestrianised street other vehicles should be excluded?


Coniston Close, Horsham