LETTER: Tory U-turn over second runway?

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As one who worked for British Caledonian Airways at Gatwick for almost 20 years and had a number of exchanges with representatives from the self-styled Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC) during that time, I commend Horsham district councillor Peter Burgess in his letter to the WSCT (11/7/2013) for his robust debunking of many of the wilder myths perpetrated by GACC over the years.

But given that Mr Burgess’ letter is signed (Con) Horsham district councillor, rather than in a personal capacity, does his support for Gatwick indicate a change in Conservative Party policy on Gatwick development and a second runway?

If so it represents a complete U-turn from their previous policy which was vehemently against a second runway at Gatwick and why Conservative-controlled West Sussex County Council (supported by GACC) signed the agreement with Gatwick Airport (then owned by BAA) not to develop a second runway for 40 years and so relegated Gatwick to a second tier status compared to Heathrow.

That lack of prospect of additional runway capacity at Gatwick contributed to the significant loss of long haul and network airline services, some airline failure and the associated reduction in economic and employment opportunities that Gatwick generates in the local area.


Smithbarn, Horsham