LETTER: Time to stand up and be counted

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Your letters

I applaud the stand that your newspaper has taken about free speech. I note that you have written to all 44 district councillors.

Whilst the Liberal Democrat and UKIP councillors have quickly signed up to the Charter, there is a deafening silence from the Tory majority group who control three quarters of the seats on the Horsham District Council.

As I write only two Conservatives have signed the Free Speech charter - Cllr Christian Mitchell [dropped as the next Chairman for speaking out and putting the residents he represents first] and the youngest councillor on the HDC, Cllr Josh Murphy, who demonstrably has more years of wisdom than the rest of the Tory group put together.

Have the remaining Tory councillors fallen for the dictates of Leader Ray Dawe and his Deputy Helena Croft? Surely it is time to stand up and be counted? Fortunately it is now only a short 12 months before the public has its say, and with all failures of, and feelings about the current administration, they surely will.

Presumably if Cllr Dawe fails to lead by example, your newspaper will no longer allow him half a page on his version of free speech fortnightly. Frankly, for me and I suspect many others, his views will not be missed as he rarely devotes any time to issues of concern to the readership [in much the same way that Francis Maude MP doesn’t either].

Has anyone told them that their missives do not interest the public? Since they both enjoy writing about issues that do not relate to our historic market town of Horsham and our beautiful district perhaps they should use their ‘creative writing skills’ elsewhere.

Brian Johnson

Langhurstwood Road,