LETTER: Time to drown our sorrows

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Your letters

The underlying wisdom we receive week upon week from your resident psychologist, young Pedro Martins, is the power of positive thinking - to accept radical change cheerfully and to allow our inner self to succeed. All good sound stuff - but nothing startlingly original.

Younger readers will have to marshal all these human qualities if they if they are going to remain sane and prosper in the brave new Horsham which appears to be on the cards. Our immediate area could undergo hitherto unmatched radical changes in the foreseeable future which - if implemented - could involve the massive urbanisation of large swathes of West Sussex which border our neighbouring county of Surrey. It’s called progress!

With the promise of a massive housing and industrial development on green field land to the north of the town - fuelled partly by immigration and greater longevity - along with the very real possibility of a second runway at Gatwick - and all the additional infrastructure that entails. Then consider the fact that we could be sitting on what is being termed, ‘A New Dallas’ in the form of an oil field - centered upon Horley and covering an estimated 55 square miles of the Weald - with a potential yield of up to 100 billion barrels of crude oil. Add to this toxic mix, the very real threat of global warming and one has what can only be described as an environmental nightmare - one which might even cause our ever optimistic psychologist, Mr Martins, some small loss of sleep!

In terms of the national election on Thursday, May 7 - which party wins in our neck of the wood will be of little significance in the larger scheme of things. According to the political runes, it seems likely that our destiny here in West Sussex will be decided much farther north than Surrey. Our kilted Scottish neighbours are in an angry mood. So might I suggest that those of us of age treat ourselves to a stiff dram of whisky on May 8 - in order to drown our sorrows. Cheers!

Robert B. Worley

Ayshe Court Drive, Horsham