LETTER: Time to drop ‘pie in the sky’ ideas

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Your letters

Councillor Ray Dawe is right that the current Government approach is unfair, but that’s no excuse for the dismal perform-ance of HDC planning department.

There is NO justification for building a business park on a greenfield site in the north of the district.

HDC should be looking to improve job opportunities throughout the district, further south than Horsham itself and/or nearer the expanding communities of Southwater, Broadbridge Heath and Billingshurst, as well as revamping/making better use of its existing commercial areas within Horsham.

HDC proposes to increase the number of households within the district by 20 per cent in the next 20 years (11,500 more than the existing 55,000).

From the slow take up of the houses currently being built, this would seem an oversupply, and HDC need to reassess this figure.

It’s difficult to forecast housing and business needs for the next 20 years, for example 20 years ago, who would have predicted the growth in Internet shopping, and the related demise of the high street.

However if we must have ‘a strategy’, let’s make use of existing transport links, rather than considering ‘pie in the sky’ ideas such as a new station (which incidentally would downgrade Littlehaven).

I don’t want to see the merging of Horsham and Crawley, but a reasonable option seems to be to partially extend the new Kilnwood Vale housing and expand Faygate station.

A Heads

Sloughbrook Close, Horsham