LETTER: Time to confront unpalatable truth

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By his own admission, HDC Leader, Cllr Ray Dawe makes clear that developers rather than elected councillors rule the roost in Horsham District when it comes to the provision of new housing.

And it would appear that our Conservative MP - cabinet minister The Rt Hon Francis Maude - has little interest in this thorny issue which is uppermost in the minds of most of his constituents. Maude’s view appears to be, ‘local government is not my problem’.

It is reasonable to suggest that Cllr Dawe and Francis Maude often meet socially to discuss constituency matters but Dawe clearly hasn’t the clout to persuade our MP to lobby his cabinet colleagues to ease up on housing in this increasing overcrowded neck of the wood.

Or perhaps Francis Maude also hasn’t the clout to have any influence on the PM who is too busy promoting the cause of same-sex marriage or donning a hard-hat for a promotional pic at some industrial site - on the basis that, ‘I’m just an ordinary bloke like you, mate’!

Then there is the question of a possible second runway at Gatwick. This at a time when the latest UN report clearly indicates that global warming is a very real threat to our wellbeing. If we are really serious about the greatest threat to humankind, why on earth should a second runway be allowed - at Gatwick or any other UK location?

Around 70 per cent of air travel is holiday travel. In the very near future, the rapid advances in information technology will make most business travel unnecessary.

When invasion threatened this country during the last War - the government sponsored mantra was, ‘Is your journey really necessary’? Historically, each generation has to confront unpalatable problems and perhaps future generations will have to lower their expectations as regards holiday air travel. That is, if they wish to survive Global warming - and all that it entails.

Robert B. Worley

Ayshe Court Drive, Horsham