LETTER: Time for a change in leadership

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So Horsham District Council leader Ray Dawe suggests that the electorate of Horsham shouldn’t bother their little heads about how the democratic process is operated or subverted by the ruling Tory elite... we should be more concerned about the cost of council tax.

This seems like a prime case of ‘There, there, little boy don’t you worry your poor little head about something that you can’t possibly understand’. How patronising is that?

This attitude so clearly displays the typical contempt for those of us who pay for this continuing facade. Does he think that we are so parochial that the cost of council tax is the only thing we are concerned with?

Of course the cost of council tax is important to all of us but I suggest not at all as important as having a democratic and transparent process of government.

We so obviously don’t have that. That is clearly demonstrated time and again as we grapple with inappropriate and unsustainable plans for development in North Horsham and the farce that surrounds Christian Mitchell’s disgraceful ‘deselection’.

Time for a change I think. Time to go Mr Dawe!... and if you won’t go we will push you, at the first opportunity.


Coney Croft, Horsham