LETTER: Throw out the Mayfields scheme

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Your letters

I am writing to say that the Mayfields scheme should be thrown out at once. It is not supported by anyone in the locality. This includes councils, MPs, or local communities.

Both Mid-Sussex and Horsham district councils have made provisions for housing which do not include this scheme.

The real countryside of the area would be forever destroyed. Ancient villages would be wiped out and the wildlife of the area would be decimated (the area is a home to many nightingales for example).

Hospitals, schools and emergency services would be overloaded. The dangers associated with flooding are great. The site is in a flood plain and thus stands to be flooded in times of high rainfall.

The waste water produced by the scheme would put other areas downstream at risk of flooding.

The area has no infrastructure apart from the A23. The scheme would produce a great many more commuters to jam the roads especially in rush hours. Those who made it to local stations to continue their commute would cause great problems around the stations and would clog up the trains which already run at capacity.

The scheme is suggested by outsiders who stand to make a great deal of money if it goes through. Enough brownfield sites exist to provide much extra housing. I hope that the scheme will be resisted by the planning authorities.


Chestnut End, Henfield