LETTER: Thriving club is now under threat

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Your letters

With reference to the article in the West Sussex County Times of March 13, 2014 – is Horsham District Council trying to diffuse the situation or defend HDC with regard to the dispute over Horsham and District Indoor Bowling Club?

I believe them to be speaking truthfully when they say the plans have not yet been finalised, as we know that redevelopment on the scale of the Quadrant takes time and a lot of discussions before the plans come to fruition.

However, do their words refer to the indoor bowling club? It was confirmed to our board on the evening of February 20 by Jonathan Chowen that there would be no provision for and no alternative location offered to the bowling club. Would he clarify the statement that plans have not yet been finalised to the board of H&DIBC?

It would appear that reduced membership is causing concern to the council. We have always settled the rental of in the region of £50,000 pa to the council coffer.

Therefore there should be no concern over the club’s membership. Visiting clubs also contribute to the finances and success of H&DIBC.

Would HDC give us an HONEST reason as to why they have given the amber, if not green light, to a company that’s aim is profit, thereby depriving 400-plus of its tax paying residents the facilities of H&DIBC?

This club cares about its members and all other able bodied and disabled people, both male and female, from the ages of eight to 90 who regularly visit this venue.

It would seem that HDC needs to do its homework before making a decision to advise a thriving and well run club that it will not be renewing its contract when it expires in 14 months’ time.

R. and A. FENTON

Chestnut Walk, Pulborough