LETTER: This decision will affect everyone

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This about turn by Horsham District Council to leave out a major player within the Horsham Leisure Centre Complex will come in complete disbelief by a lot of people.

Horsham Indoor Bowls Club is dominantly situated within the Quadrant probably having one of the highest memberships for a single sport.

Watch out! This decision will affect everyone as we will all want to fill our time after work or at retirement. So I ask everyone to sit up and take notice.

It will affect a lot more people than the 400-plus members of the club.

Presently it is open to everyone, member or not, whom have access to all the facilities of the club. This includes a good reasonable restaurant and bar.

What will become of the active youth groups whom regularly attend each week let alone the blind and other similar organisations whom are grateful for the facilities?

Bowls is an international sport recognised world-wide, regularly televised and is enjoyed by thousands within the UK if not millions around the world.

Whilst enjoyed by people of all ages it is particularly of appeal to those whom no longer compete at their most athletic time of life but do want to continue in a competitive environment. I think this applies to all of us which is one reason for the high membership.

Bowls is quite unique in that it fosters a social community which is one reason for the facilities it requires.

It is self financing and pays heavy dues to the council.

After the furore when the council announced the closure of the whole facility the council made certain undertakings to replace them.

Memories may fade but let us not overlook that this new proposal falls far short of what they put forward to appease Horsham Bowling Club and the community at large.

If they can force the closure of this going concern what will they turn their eyes on next?


Skylark View. Horsham