LETTER: Think of future generations

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Your letters

You may, or may not, know, nor care, but there is, currently, a consultation taking place regarding the plan for a second runway at Gatwick Airport. So will this effect Horsham?

There are pros and cons. The former is that it is anticipated that this could create over 30,000 new jobs and increase vastly the number of flights, with both generating a great deal of wealth.

The latter is that the increase in jobs is far beyond what the current local population could cope with. It will need a great deal of inward migration to this locality. Vehicles and central heating create pollution, and so do aircraft.

Last week the pollution levels reached an illegal maximum here. Some of these pollutants are as small as a virus and can be in the bloodstream within seconds of being inhaled. Their build up is expected to be dangerous.

The South East is in an awkward position. It sits between the heavily industrialised North West of Europe and London and heavily industrialised parts of England. It is one of the densest populated regions of Europe. Furthermore, it is also the furthest part of the country from the cleansing winds from the Atlantic.

It seems to be a matter of wealth versus health. I have had my life so should, perhaps, opt for the former.

However, the other day, I boarded the wrong bus from Crawley. It diverted then parked outside a school. The scene was what one might expect if a stick had been plunged into a nest of green ants. They were everywhere, walking in all directions and even invaded the bus. It was the stuff of nightmares. Having survived the ordeal and in retrospect mused that they are, in fact, our future - our future mothers. Will somebody, please consider the future health of those little green ants.

The consultation runs until 16th May 2014.


New Road, Southwater