LETTER: Think about people already here first

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Change is always difficult and as we age dealing with change becomes more problematic. Having been brought up in Horsham, coming home to retire was something that I hoped would happen.

I moved back to Horsham permanently in 2000 and since that time the small market town that I knew as a child has exponentially grown into a place that is hard to recognise. We are constantly told change is good, we need to embrace change but to what or possibly more importantly for whose end?

I have watched a huge increase in housing in Broadbridge Heath, houses with large and small plots in the town being sold and as a consequence sprouting small estates and I said nothing. Last Friday I attended the Liberty exhibition of the proposed North Horsham development –in essence a new town on Horsham’s doorstep - I feel the time has come to speak.

Slick it wasn’t, informed it wasn’t. Nine hundred houses are going to be built next year increasing the population by at least 2,000 people. By the time it is finished it will be nearer 10,000. The number of cars this will produce on our already over-used roads, the number of school places that will be needed, the pressure on the Health Services does not bear thinking about.

This, along with all the other small and large developments, will increase the population in this area by about 25,000 people. Horsham and its environs only had a population of about 25,000 when I was growing up.

Let us think about the people already here first. We have need of a hospital more locally but in the Liberty enterprise all we get is a cemetery! That perhaps sums it up.

I’m not against change if it has purpose and vision but until someone thinks about the population who already reside here, their needs and their aspirations, let think very hard about introducing another 25,000 souls into a lovely Market Town that is trying hard to cope.


Lib Dem candidate for Nuthurst at Horsham District Council

Comptons Lane, Horsham