LETTER: Things are only going to get worse

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Your letters

I find the proposed development north of the A264 more infuriating the more I learn. The plans propose a new railway station with up to four new platforms and they’ve even given it a name, ‘Parkway’.

Will this help or hinder the residents of Horsham? Indeed, is this new station ever going to materialise? I think not.

Why? Because it would cost around £30m-£40m to build and Horsham District Council doesn’t have those funds sloshing around in its coffers.

The truth is that there will be no new station. So if there is no new station, and over 2,500 new homes are built north of the A264, what will happen at our train stations, as well as on our roads?

Thousands more people will be on our roads, on platforms and using our car parks. What is going to happen to the transport links at 7am when we all want to go to work or do the school run?

If we are fed up now with commuters parking in our residential streets, or think we struggle to get a seat on the train, or can never find anywhere to park in the morning, or even sit frustrated for ages on the bypass roundabouts as thousands of cars try to get to work, then hold on because things are only going to get worse if these plans are allowed to go forward. There will be NO new station but there WILL be thousands more commuters.

This is a real issue that impacts residents across the whole of Horsham – north, south, east and west. These plans are NOT a ‘done’ deal.

We need to stop this in the weeks we have left.


Pondtail Road, Horsham