Letter: Thanks for votes

I would like to thank the many people who voted for me and other Liberal Democrats in the West Sussex County Council elections on May 2, whether they always vote Liberal Democrat, or normally vote for other parties.

I know that many people who tend to vote Labour in national elections supported me both this time and in the past.

I am particularly grateful for their support in this election, as, in nearby Roffey, where the Labour vote increased significantly, the Conservatives gained the seat from the Liberal Democrat candidate, Warwick Hellawell.

I would like to assure residents of Horsham Riverside Division that, following my re-election, I will continue to work for them all over the next four years.

I already have a number of issues in my ‘in tray’, such as the ongoing planning issue of the Silver Wok in St Leonards Road and the traffic issues in roads around Heron Way School and how they can be eased if the proposed extension to the school goes ahead. So I think the next few weeks will be busy!


(LDem) West Sussex county councillor for Horsham Riverside, County Hall, Chichester