Letter: Thanks for support

ON BEHALF of our charity, Care for the Wild International, I would like to say a massive thank you to all of the local people and local businesses that attended our charity open evening in Horsham on Thursday February 23.

We advertised the open evening having recently moved back to Horsham (where we were formed in 1984) as an opportunity for us to meet local people, share information about who we are and what we do as a charity, and for local people to find out how they could get involved through volunteering or similar.

The event was a great success and lots of people turned up on the evening, and we were overwhelmed by the amounts of passion and interest shown in our work rescuing, protecting and defending wild animals in the UK and around the globe.

A number of people were interested in getting involved and we will be back in touch with all of them shortly. We still require more volunteer support, so for anyone who couldn’t make it on the evening but is keen to find out how they can help, then please visit our website on www.careforthewild.com or call us on 01403 249832.


CEO, Care for the Wild

Brighton Road, Horsham