LETTER: Thank you for highlighting issue

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Your letters

I would like to thank the County Times for the time and space it has given in the letters column in recent weeks supporting and highlighting the problem Horsham District Indoor Bowls Club has with Horsham District Council.

It would seem the only answer HDC gives is just to say the membership is declining and not that we pay our way in every aspect. The membership number is not a true figure of the people that use the club, I expect if we had double the membership number we would still be in the same boat, sinking like the Titanic.

It could be said our membership number is bigger than many other sports set-ups in the area, though it would seem the land we are on is worth more than us - we are not the first to be treated this way.

At HDIBC everything is done voluntarily, not like the leisure centre which has to pay staff for the long hours they open seven days a week. It has to have a high usage to pay its way.

HDIBC have been messed around for the last two years-plus. It has not helped, with the media coverage, to get new members, not knowing what is happening in the coming months.

All we get is no decision has been made. Come on, let’s look at it in a long term way.

Bowls is no different to any ball sport, ie 22 men kicking a ball around a field trying to put it in a net, 22 men throwing a ball at three pieces of wood to knock them down, 20 men running around a field with an obscure ball while some try to stop them getting to their end.

Bowls is putting a large ball alongside a small one, to be consistent you have to be good.


Broomfield Road, Henfield