LETTER: Thank goodness there is an election

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Your letters

I have just discovered that the council intends to demolish the small playground opposite our house which is sited in a family heavy residential area and is used constantly.

At a time when I have seen old playgrounds being refurbished and new playgrounds being erected this is the final kick in the teeth from the council for the residents on North Horsham’s Holbrook estate.

Not only has the council decided to take away our nearest countryside with its plans to develop the green fields on the north side of the A264 but now they are taking away our children’s play areas.

North Horsham’s loyal residents, who pay our taxes, obey our country’s laws and, most importantly, vote, must be wondering what on earth we have done to deserve such treatment and what on earth we can do to prevent this ongoing mismanagement of our area by our local councillors. Thank goodness there is an election next year.


Shottermill, Horsham