Letter: Thakeham farm investment is welcome

THAKEHAM Village Action welcomes the commitment shown by Monaghan Mushrooms to invest in its mushroom growing farm in Thakeham, as reported in the West Sussex County Times of January 5.

The article demonstrates that Monaghan Mushrooms is committed to staying in Thakeham and to investing its money in the mushroom farm.

What this means is there is no longer any justification for building 146 houses in the small village of Thakeham.

The old argument was that 146 houses had to be built to fund and prop up the ailing business of Sussex Mushrooms.

Sussex Mushrooms Ltd has failed and gone into liquidation.

Monaghan Mushrooms is a financially healthy international company capable of funding its own investments.

It has invested 100 million euros in the last few years and in the last three months acquired one of the largest mushroom compost companies in Europe.

It has production facilities not only in the UK and Ireland, but also in Canada, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Thakeham Village Action says that the unresolved linked planning applications (DC/10/1314 & DC/10/1316) should now be revoked by HDC.

The Planning Committee’s resolution last April to give permission for the housing has blighted the village with the threat of 146 unnecessary and unsustainable houses being built.

Thakeham Village Action has been campaigning for over ten years to stop large housing estates being built on greenfield land in Thakeham.

TVA looks forward to 2012 being the year when the campaign is finally won.


Secretary, on behalf of

Thakeham Village Action

PO Box 2114,



RH20 3WF