LETTER: Tackle the North South imbalance

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Your letters

I think it poor journalism to open a poll seeking views on whether Gatwick should be expanded using questions designed by Gatwick Airport.

The airport, quite rightly, say that they have published their questions and methodology but such transparency does not make their questions unbiased.

You have defended yourself by saying that the Airports Commission has already dismissed the No New Runway Option but it is not the Commission that will decide the issue; it is Parliament.

And Parliament would be foolish to ignore the views of people who believe that any new runways in the South East of England would be damaging to the UK economy and the environment.

We need to tackle the North South imbalance in the economy and any new runway in the South East would draw custom away from the many regional airports and force their passengers to drive to Heathrow and Gatwick in even greater numbers. Shame on you.


Old Manor Close, Ifield