LETTER: Support for those living with MND

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June was Motor Neurone Disease awareness month and June 21 was MND awareness day and to mark the occasion supporters and friends of the local North West Sussex Branch held a street collection in Horsham town centre.

Thanks to the generosity of local people they raised a magnificent £1,692.47 and this money will be used to help those living with MND and to fund vital research.

The branch would also like to thank Horsham District Council for the street licence and the management of Swan Walk and Pirie’s Place for allowing collections on their premises.

MND is a terminal disease for which there is no cure and affects about 5,000 people in the UK of all ages and both genders; 50 per cent of people die within 14 months of diagnosis and 90 per cent within five years.

Current research is looking into the cause and much research is looking into genetics with the hope that if the cause can be found then treatments and a cure can be discovered so that one day there will be life without MND.

It is a degenerative disease and the body gets weaker as time goes by so that everyday living becomes more and more ifficult, even simple tasks like doing up a button, tying a shoelace, shaving become difficult and as time goes by the level of care required increases.

Many people with MND lose the ability to speak, have breathing and swallowing difficulties. It affects people in many different ways.

The MND Association are actively campaigning for people living with MND by promoting a charter which has the following aims:

1. People with MND have the right to early diagnosis and information

2. People with MND have the right to access quality care and treatments

3. People with MND have the right to be treated as individuals and with dignity and respect

4. People with MND have the right to maximise their quality of life

5. Carers of people with MND have the right to be valued, respected, listened to and well supported.

You can support this Charter by going to: wwwmndassociation.org/mndcharter

Go on do it now! 20,000 people have done so, so why not you?

The money collected in Horsham will really make a difference, so a big, big thank you to everyone who supported the collection.


North West Sussex Branch, MNDA, The Ark, Turners Hill, West Sussex RH10 4RA