Letter: ‘Stupidity’ of planned Broadbridge Heath road closure

'It will not be possible to drive from Tesco to Newbridge nurseries as we do now'

I am writing to alert readers about a planned highway change that will have a serious bearing on traffic flow around Horsham.

When plans for the Broadbridge Heath housing development were finalised about seven years ago they included a drastic change to the old A264 just to the west of Tesco.

The plan is to close the road.

This closure will cause permanent changes that will increase journey distances.

For example, drivers from the Guildford direction en-route to Horsham or towards Gatwick will be directed past the Newbridge nurseries roundabout, then along the new road (the new A264) to the A24, then northwards to the Farthings Hill interchange before turning into Farthings Hill or continuing on the A24.

For further clarification on the impact of the closed road on local journeys: it will not be possible to drive from Tesco to Newbridge nurseries as we do now.

The route will be from Tesco to the Farthings Hill interchange, then southwards on the A24 to the new interchange with the new A264, then through the new development to the nurseries.

This highlights the stupidity of the planned road closure.

The plan is still active. I urge readers to lobby their councillors and our MP to review the highway plans and for them to take a pragmatic stance to keep the road open.

This will save the cost of engineering the road closure and minimise the frustration of drivers.

Ivor Gibbs

Strood Lane, Horsham

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