Letter: Strongly opposed

THE COUNTY Times has championed campaign groups across the county, who tirelessly devote their time to oppose the destruction of our countryside and villages by this mass urbanisation programme pursued by the Conservatives and their alleged paymasters the developers.

The County Times, in providing a platform where the vast majority of people are voicing their legitimate concerns to this ill-thought out policy, has galvanised public opinion in a way not seen for many years.

Unfortunately, at this stage it would appear that irrespective of the strength of opposition, and the numerous letters highlighting legitimate concerns to these planning applications, approvals are flawlessly given. Villages and the greenbelt across the county are bearing the cost of this misguided and damaging policy, but there is hope. This has only just begun and unlike the last Government which took three terms to destroy the economy, we should not allow this Government that luxury.

The economy can be repaired, the countryside cannot. The South of England is a Conservative heartland, and at this stage our voices and legitimate concerns appear to be falling on deaf ears, but soon it will be time to stand up and be counted.

These are difficult times, and in the favoured words of our politicians this calls for difficult decisions. As a lifelong supporter of the Conservative Party I have made my difficult decision, come the general election I will not be voting Conservative.

As a member of a campaign group and a staunch supporter for the protection of the greenbelt we must continue opposing this destructive policy to the very end.

At the same time bear in mind, there will come a day in the not too distant future, when the Conservative party will finally understand the strength of opposition to its ill-thought out planning policy.

I would urge all those who feel as strongly as I do to exercise your right when the time comes.


Codmore Hill, Pulborough